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It Takes More than Willpower!

Are you trying to let go of a hurtful habit like smoking or trying to build a helpful habit like exercising or speaking up for yourself?  I wrote Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success to help supply you with the motivation you need to get back in control--for life.

You won't find the word "changepower" in the dictionary--at least not yet.  I coined the word to help people understand that often you need more than willpower to change a stubborn habit.

"Changepower" is what you get when you combine willpower  with outside supports like helpful people, support groups, and healthy environments.  In Changepower!, I'll show you how to beef up both your willpower and your changepower to achieve habit change success. 

Find Your Motivators!

Finding powerful motivators is the key.  In Changepower!, I reveal motivators that work--pain motivators, the Eight Great Motivators, and even not-so-noble-but-still-effective motivators. 

There's one more key to habit change success. Find out what it is in this short blog.

Everyone wants to know my motivation for writing a book about motivation. That's

Not all people have enough power to change themselves, and the huge number of people who try to give up smoking, start going to the gym, and stop putting things off proves it. You may have a huge desire to change something in your life, develop ways of implementing it in practice, but fail again and again. Do you know what is the reason for it? You just don't have enough changepower. Finding a good motivating guide or book is a kind of challenge, but this one is recommended even for psychology students. Even they sometimes need psychological support and assistance in hard times. Of course, reading another book that's not in the curriculum takes time, but students had better pay for essay, carve out some time and devote it to exploring their own changepower. We are sure that the small work on yourself will help them stop procrastinating and do all assignments before the deadline, like writing essays or creating presentations. Some students may think that the opportunity to hire a helper for essay writing makes this information useless. Still, those who want to achieve success after graduation should start working on their changepower in college.

Teach Habit Change Skills to Your Students and Clients!
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certainly a fair question.  My motivators were partly personal, partly professional. I have lost people who were dear to me because they couldn't conquer a deadly habit like smoking. As a counselor, I did my best to help clients stop sabotaging themselves and succeed with their goals. I helped many people, but I always wanted to have a better batting average.

Your Path to Successful Change

I have pored over as much of the relevant research on successful change as I could, so that you don't have to! With Changepower, I've provided you with the stepping-stones to build your own one-of-a-kind path to change.

My hope is that everyone who reads Changepower will become a habit change success story.

                       ~ Meg Selig


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Meg Selig is a licensed counselor, blogger, and freelance writer.  For her latest thoughts on willpower, motivation, and self-change, see her blog, Changepower, here.


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"This book should be required reading in psychology courses in order to help students better understand the motivation behind why we change."
  --Kelly McAleer, Psy.D., on her PsychCentral blog

"Given how much I have read and written about change, it is a pleasure to find something so engaging with the potential to enhance my personal changepower."
  --James O. Prochaska, PhD, author of Changing for Good
"This book grabs your attention and doesn't let go.  The secrets revealed in Changepower will help you change your life, as well as your habit."
  --Bill O'Hanlon, author of Change 101 and Do One Thing Different
"Finally, a unique habit change book that will appeal to counselors and students as well as clients.  Read this book.  Each chapter is a life-changing experience."
  --Howard Rosenthal, EdD, author of The Encyclopedia of Counseling

"The perfect guide for habit change that also gives the reader the motivation for the journey.  Full of practical wisdom."
  --Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D., author of Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients

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