Praise for Selig's Presentations


"Calm and knowledgable speaker. The best speaker I've seen at this conference.  She balanced the lecture with audience participation and included her own life experiences."


"Great presentation. Presenter extremely knowledgable and helpful."


"The presenter excelled in her speaking skills and knowledge."


"We've been talking about our motivators all afternoon.  Thanks, Meg!"


"Easy rapport with audience was established right off the bat."


"Really useful & well-presented.  She is a really good teacher."


"Great presentation.  Excellent content and interactive style."


"Excellent way of relating willpower to motivators."


"Selig has lots of polish and conviction.  I enjoyed her presentation."


"Loved this information!"


Review by Kelly McAleer, PsyD, at the PsychCentral website.


Review by Ellen Resnick, LCSW, here.

Check out the Livestrong website here to read the article, "Find Your Motivation," that features Meg's ideas.  The article is by health writer Greg Presto.  (Summer, 2011)

Meg was quoted in the November issue of Woman's Day.  Check out the article online at "Make Healthy Habits Stick."

Meg was featured in St. Louis' local newspaper, The West End Word.  Reporter Veronica Szostalo begins, "It's several weeks into the new year, and for those who are struggling with their New Year's resolutions, Meg Selig has an answer: "Changepower."  To find out more, see "'Changepower!' seeks to help change habits."



Meg Selig is available for presentations, radio and TV interviews, book groups, workshops, and book signings. 

Talks topics

The Magic of Change: The Real Secrets to    

Habit Change Success

The Secrets of Habit Change
Do You Need Willpower to Change a Habit?
Why Diets Don't Work--and What Does
The Stages of Change
Find Your Motivators!
Willpower or Changepower? 

Maintaining a Habit for Life

She will also design a presentation custom-tailored to your organization's needs.

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Meg Selig,
St. Louis, MO

April, 2019: Guest on the Lisa Valentine Clark show, BYU Radio: discussing my blog on "Exercise Snacks."
(To read the blog, click here:

July 20, 2016:
Speaker at Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University, St. Louis.

April 16, 2013: Interviewed by Lou Ryan for RealTalkRadio on

December, 2012:
Meg is quoted extensively in this excellent article on "9 Resolution Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making," by Brittany Doohan here:

November 13, 2012: Interview by Lou Ryan, founder of the website,

May, 2012: Interviewed by Dr. Tim Pychyl, procrastination expert, for his podcast here. Dr. Pychyl is the author of the popular Psychology Today blog, "Don't Delay."

April, 2012: Presentation at the American Counseling Association of Missouri (ACAM) on the latest willpower research.