Great Mental Health Resources for Everyone  This website from the Psychology Today people offers a cornucopia of useful psychology information.  My "Changepower" blog is located on this site, so check it out and sign up for regular updates.
PsychCentral is one of the best and oldest websites (15 years) on the web.  Check out the topic list on the left, as well as "News Headlines" in the central column and "From Our Blogs" on the right.
This site is full of useful information.  I especially like their section on "weight loss,"
which is comprehensive and humane. 
Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Clifton Mitchell's excellent book, Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients, is available here.  I liked this book so much that I persuaded several colleagues to attend one of Clift's workshops.  We all agreed--Clift is a great motivational speaker as well as an insightful writer.

Counselors, are you concerned about passing your National Counselors Exam?  Go to Dr. Howard Rosenthal's website for his materials, as well as for information about his always useful book, The Encyclopedia of Counseling, and his other materials.  My colleague Howard has a knack for cutting to the heart of an issue and making learning laugh-out-loud fun.

EXERCISE Click to see this article by Dr. Harry Mills on the benefits of exercise. Use it to choose your personal motivator for exercising.  See also the "Resources" section on the same page. Good basic information for the new exerciser.  Answers questions like: "Why should I exercise?" and "How long should I exercise?" in simple fashion. This article gives you the "how-to" of starting an exercise program.  Before you read it, remind yourself WHY you want to start an exercise program--your motivator. 


Great website from the National Institutes of Health.  Take a quiz to see how your drinking patterns compare to others, discover if your drinking pattern is risky, and find tools for moderating or quitting drinking.
The Alcoholics Anonymous website. This abstinence-based, 12-step recovery program was founded in 1935 and is now worldwide.  Free, voluntary fellowship of those who want to attain sobriety.  You can read the "Big Book" of AA, the classic work describing the origins and principles of AA, on-line at this site.
Standing for "self-management and recovery training," Smart Recovery is an abstinence-based recovery program based on Albert Ellis' rational-emotive therapy (RET).  Offers online and face-to-face mutual help groups that deal with all addictive behaviors including alcohol.
Moderation Management (MM) "is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people concerned about their drinking."  This 9-step program provides information about alcohol, moderate drinking guidelines, and behavior management skills such as self-monitoring and goal-setting.  After an initial period of abstinence, either moderation or abstinence can be chosen as a goal.

Start here!  You can evaluate your risk of dying from lung cancer, take advantage of an online quitting guide, and get phone support for quitting.
Website of the American Lung Association.  Offers an on-line smoking cessation program, data on the effects of smoking, and more.
Center for Disease Control website.  There is an on-line pamphlet here, "You Can Quit Smoking," plus the Surgeon General's report, and other useful information.  Links to other useful sites are found here also.
Support and techniques for quitting smoking and conquering the "Nico-demon." Find out how much money you'll save when you quit and how many years you'll add to your life.
EATING ISSUES/WEIGHT LOSS    Find out about how many calories you need per day for your age and level of activity.   Chockful of science-based nutrition information, courtesy of the Harvard School of Public Health.  Anyone can enjoy and benefit from this fun and informative site that offers interactive tools, motivational "prizes," and informative articles.  Free.  You can sign up for daily emails that give you a morale boost.  New interactive site that explains how many fruits and veggies you need per day for your size and weight.  Discover the value of fruits and veggies, the meaning of portion size, and more.  O.A. uses the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA to help members recover from compulsive overeating.  Addresses well-being in addition to health. Free program.  An inexpensive weight loss "club" that has helped many acquaintances of mine.   A commercial website, but a good one nonetheless.  Visitors can find out about the venerable WW program and read articles about health topics.    Website of the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.  Facts about eating disorders, warning signs, how to confront a person with an eating disorder, types of therapies available.  You can link to their hotline from the home page.  The website of Ellen Resnick, LCSW.  Ellen's approach is similar to mine.  No fad diets!  Her work is based on learning to change your thinking, mindfulness, nutrition counseling, and exercise.  If you want lifelong weight loss, try this site!  A website by Bob Wilson for people who need weight loss inspiration.  Fun, colorful, and wise, with lots of useful mottoes and illustrations. 
PROCRASTINATION/TIME MANAGEMENT  Although a commercial website, this website contains lots of good information on the topic.  Scroll down to the sections on thinking differently about procrastinating and �5 tips for overcoming procrastination.� Defeat this "thief of time!"  Overcoming and preventing procrastination are highlights of this excellent web resource. Includes documents on related topics such as test anxiety and preventing perfectionism.

Below are an excellent series of online study skills workshops designed by Sherry K. Lynch and Lori R. Kogan:

ASSERTIVENESS & ANGER MANAGEMENT  Comprehensive discussion of numerous issues related to anger and anger management.  Check out "resources" on the right side of the page and click on the anger management topics that interest you.  Thorough and professionally sound.  Nice short article here: "Learn Assertive Communication in 5 Simple Steps."

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